Friday, 25 April 2008

An itty-bitty day

Today was a bit of this and a bit of that sort of day... I finished off Ageing Together, toning down the over-zealous dodging, so that one and a few others are ready for upload.

One of them that I'm really pleased with is Pallets, Tyre And Junk (opp) - I originally took the shot having a mind to get in some more practice with dodging and burning, and it turned out to be a good subject.

With this one, I did everything as per normal but pulled the levels mid-tone slider down a fair bit to darken all the mid tones. That was the starting point for the d&b - I burned the ground, leaving the two patches of light and did the same on the pallets, tyre and junk. Then I lifted the highlights by a fair bit of gentle dodging in the patches of light that were left.

In between times, I worked on publicising my blog via feedburner and did some other odds and sods.

I was pleased to be contacted by the museum and to be told in principle that they're happy to put on an exhibition of my Urban Ugliness photo essay. So that's good news :)
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