Sunday, 4 May 2008

Funny old day, Saturday

A strange day it's been. It started with a meeting with Mike H down at Masa gallery. It seems there's been a sea change in the gallery's approach.

Starting with the move to the new premises, they're going to focus on exhibitions featuring a particular photographer at a time; maybe over a two week period. And they'll now only produce photographic work (and fine art reproductions) if they are exhibiting the work. This last part puzzles me, but there must be a reason...

Then it was the start of both the Artemis Transat (solo transatlantic yacht race) and the inaugural Barbican International Jazz and Blues Festival. I've been invited to take photos at the various Jazz and Blues events and was duly issued with an official press pass.

I took some shots of Louise Parker, Plymouth's First Lady of Jazz, that turned out ok and some of the Dixie Blue Band of St Malo, France... again a couple were ok.

I'll post some as they come out of the ddr and as the week progresses.
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