Saturday, 14 June 2008

Gallery update

I managed a new gallery update... all marked as "New!" (some other v. recent ones still marked as new). Yaay :)

Other things that have been happening

I've still to hear if I'm selected from the shortlist for a piece on one of the major terrestrial channels based around my Urban Ugly photo essay. I'll phone later today to see about any movement.

I hit my second major milestone on my new contract - the issue for review of the "logical business model - as is" by the contributors. It'll go out for formal review next Tuesday. The contract work has been spilling over into my evenings and weekends but hopefully the need for that is over.

Parasol Tops won second prize in the Implied Lines, Spring 2008 comp. in my club - The Studio Online. That makes 1 first and 3 seconds out of four competitions... Yaay!
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