Friday, 6 June 2008

An unexpected journey or two

I had to get another contract - the paying day job - and it all happened a little more quickly than expected. It's based in Staines but I've been visiting business leads around the Manchester Area. I've been staying at a rather pleasant hotel - Bredbury Hall Hotel - filled with beautifully carved tables and artefacts from its long history.

There are a set of bellows that have been turned into a long coffee table - enough for 6 people to sit around? From the size, I'd say it was a full time job to operate them! Kind and accommodating staff, too.

I've taken some shots there, maybe in a week or two I'll get the chance to post some :)

I was really pleased to be approached by a tv production company last week about my urban ugly photo essay. Watch this space, maybe I'll get past the dreaded shortlist!
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