Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sainsburys Sails - nine of eleven

The Sainsburys superstore on Marsh Mills Roundabout (where you exit the A38 for Plymouth) has a superstructure that makes for an interesting architectural feature, designed specifically with Plymouth in mind. There are 11 (or is it 10 ...or maybe 12?) structures that look like sails - very apt for Plymouth with its long naval heritage.

I remember seeing a couple of the sails being transported down the A38 one Friday on the way back from my contract with HMRC.

So, for a long time now I've been seeing these and I finally got round to going on a shoot there. I checked with customer services and they said it was ok to shoot the outside of the building.

These are the first two out of the digital darkroom, one showing nine of the sails - I couldn't fit them all in, no matter where I tried to shoot from (well, not with a pleasing comp anyway). The second shows a close up and explores the tonal qualities in more detail. The shapes of the various curves and the way they interact with each other was real nice. I managed to catch one in bright light, against the shade of the next sail.

The architects responsible for the design were Architen Landrell.
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