Saturday, 27 September 2008

Hay303 Stacks

Taken on a section of the A303 (not that far west of Salisbury), hence the pun...

[I wonder if that will amuse me in a few years - here's a note to that future me - did it amuse? If so, leave the answer here... Now that does amaze me - a sort of time travel! Here's me talking to a future me - and much later, that future me will come back here and reply. Weird!]

Anyway, back to the shot. I think this is another one of those "standard" shots that every photographer has in their portfolio - almost like a sampler that people learning needle-work do.

A few times recently I've travelled along the A303 route on my way back to Plymouth from Staines and I've seen rolls of hay, bales of hay and stacks like these, just itching to be captured through my camera lens.

On my most recent journey, I took a short detour
close to West Knoyle to try and avoid some heavy congestion and where I rejoined the A303, this faced me in the field opposite. Perfect happenstance - I just had to grab my camera...

I guess, having not long passed by Stonehenge on the way back from my weekly commute, this particular viewpoint gave me echoes of those famous standing stones.
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