Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Introspective: Knot A Rope Knot

Every so often I examine one of my images in depth, commenting about what attracted me to it and what I was trying to achieve.

So, on with Knot A Rope Knot. First, I guess, the name. I guess people will have noticed that I like to play on words - not very well but I try, lol. In this one, there's the half of a knot in the wooden post - not quite a knot - and then the rope knot as well, hence the name - knot a rope knot - geddit? ;-)

Rope knots have a special meaning for me - I spent a little time in the merchant navy and briefly tied for work and pleasure (monkey's fists, mats, shoe soles, and other decorative ones whose names I forget). I also spent a few years as a caver and at times you just got to rely on the knots you tie, in a life or death sort of way :)

"contrast..." The first thing that attracted my attention about this piece was that of the contrast between the rough textures of the rope against the intense smoothness of the wooden post and the blandness of the fabric background.

"pattern..." So much in the way of strong pattern - the intertwining strands of ever smaller strands (Big fleas have little fleas, Upon their backs to bite 'em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, And so ad infinitum) ...the delicious patterns of the grain and the hints of knots in the wood. Oh, and the humour in the two different kinds of knot :) - oh, how easy I am to please!

"shape..." What a lovely shape that knot of rope makes, winding round and round and in and out - very pleasing. There's also quite a 3d feel, adding to the overall effect.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Whew - manic-ness is dying down

Well, what a great success my "meet the artist" salon was. I had fewer people attend than I hoped for... but more than expected, which was nice :)
Many thanks to the people who made it possible - Tamar Science Park, for supporting local artists, Katie Thompson (aka Tokus) for the PR and Martin Bush / John miles for organising Parkart in the first place.

For posterity, here are a couple of related items. The Evening Herald has been very supportive, as these two cuttings show. I've also included some comments left by visitors to the salon
'Fascinating photos. Great to see places you know from different angles!' ...Debbie Rees-Williams
'Great, striking images Mark' ...Bill Wroath, artist
'Fantastic images. Very graphic and moving.' ...David Williams, Redrok
'Mark makes you see life from a different perspective. Even inanimate objects have character.' ...Katy Thorpe, Formedia
'Really dramatic images - very cleverly observed and beautifully printed.' ...Joanna Swift, BusinessLink
'Excellent photography - some stunning images but a similar number left me cold. Personal taste I guess.' ...Norman Holmes, Kaya Gallery
'Great images. Would look fab on any wall in my home.' ...Paul Slater, Evening Herald Photographer
'Extraordinary! How beauty can be everywhere, even in a pile of junk. These pictures show the individual life at its best!' ...Thea Reade, Tamar Science Park
'Beautiful work, brightens up the working day having a browse around all the pictures on the walls. Keep it up!' ...Tony Williams
'Great pictures and tranquil settings. It proves that there is beauty in everything.' ...Claire Edgecombe, BusinessLink
'Outstanding photography, Mark - timeless imagery that stays in the mind.' ...Dave and Debbie

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Looking forward to my big day

Monday - tomorrow - is my "meet the artist" salon, 4-7pm at ParkArt, Tamar Science Park. I've got my box of bits ready, as per this guide and all the various other bits organised - food, drinks, raffle slips, slide show etc.
I'm getting real excited to meet the folks who have enjoyed my art, hearing what they have to say and what they got out of it...

Other stuff..
I'm told that a party of A-level students from St Boniface school came a-visiting and left excited and maybe a bit inspired?

...and I wandered down to the Big Screen in Armada Way today to see if I got a mention - there it was, big and bold, a 3m high mention of my ParkArt exhibition in their events section at 3:30 - just after a load of Olympic footage. I didn't see any of my work (though they did ask for the images) - maybe that's on at a different time?

Ok, now off to watch Father Ted and go over my tick lists.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I'm on the Big Screen...

in Plymouth's Armada Way! The BBC are going to feature some of my ParkArt work and provide info about my "meet the artist" salon at Tamar Science Park, next Monday 6th Oct..

That should drive a few more people through the door! It's running from 4-7pm with nibbles and drinks. There's a prize draw and I'll also be signing copies of my photobooks. Come along...

Here's a map showing where my exhibition and salon is - you'll want the C marker.

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Haystack and Tracks

A sister shot to the Hay303 Stacks. I tried to get a point of view that showed the Haystack plumb in the centre of the tracks but it looked a little strange to me. This one was better, with the tracks seeming to lead to the side of the haystack.
Overall I'm pleased with the results, with the short stumps of hay in the mown field glistening in the bright sun and the haystack cresting the hill against a good sky.


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