Sunday, 5 October 2008

Looking forward to my big day

Monday - tomorrow - is my "meet the artist" salon, 4-7pm at ParkArt, Tamar Science Park. I've got my box of bits ready, as per this guide and all the various other bits organised - food, drinks, raffle slips, slide show etc.
I'm getting real excited to meet the folks who have enjoyed my art, hearing what they have to say and what they got out of it...

Other stuff..
I'm told that a party of A-level students from St Boniface school came a-visiting and left excited and maybe a bit inspired?

...and I wandered down to the Big Screen in Armada Way today to see if I got a mention - there it was, big and bold, a 3m high mention of my ParkArt exhibition in their events section at 3:30 - just after a load of Olympic footage. I didn't see any of my work (though they did ask for the images) - maybe that's on at a different time?

Ok, now off to watch Father Ted and go over my tick lists.
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