Saturday, 18 October 2008

Whew - manic-ness is dying down

Well, what a great success my "meet the artist" salon was. I had fewer people attend than I hoped for... but more than expected, which was nice :)
Many thanks to the people who made it possible - Tamar Science Park, for supporting local artists, Katie Thompson (aka Tokus) for the PR and Martin Bush / John miles for organising Parkart in the first place.

For posterity, here are a couple of related items. The Evening Herald has been very supportive, as these two cuttings show. I've also included some comments left by visitors to the salon
'Fascinating photos. Great to see places you know from different angles!' ...Debbie Rees-Williams
'Great, striking images Mark' ...Bill Wroath, artist
'Fantastic images. Very graphic and moving.' ...David Williams, Redrok
'Mark makes you see life from a different perspective. Even inanimate objects have character.' ...Katy Thorpe, Formedia
'Really dramatic images - very cleverly observed and beautifully printed.' ...Joanna Swift, BusinessLink
'Excellent photography - some stunning images but a similar number left me cold. Personal taste I guess.' ...Norman Holmes, Kaya Gallery
'Great images. Would look fab on any wall in my home.' ...Paul Slater, Evening Herald Photographer
'Extraordinary! How beauty can be everywhere, even in a pile of junk. These pictures show the individual life at its best!' ...Thea Reade, Tamar Science Park
'Beautiful work, brightens up the working day having a browse around all the pictures on the walls. Keep it up!' ...Tony Williams
'Great pictures and tranquil settings. It proves that there is beauty in everything.' ...Claire Edgecombe, BusinessLink
'Outstanding photography, Mark - timeless imagery that stays in the mind.' ...Dave and Debbie
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