Friday, 28 November 2008

After-show Party - "Last Friday"

Well, just back from the ParkArt After-show party at "Last Friday"s- (luvvies group meeting at the B-Bar, Plymouth Barbican).

What a warm feeling I left with - I had a goodly number of folks turn up, boosted by the normal Last Friday contingent. Thanks everyone - especially
Sylvia the Pirate, Grace the story-teller, Heidi & Adrian and everyone else who had such nice things to say.

Thanks everyone!

Although she hasn't yet been officially notified, the winner of the prize draw, thanks to Susan's fair hand, was Thea of Tamar Science Park. I know it might seem like a fix, but that's the way it honestly turned out (if it had been a fix, I think that I would have chosen one of my mum's many friends who turned up - to use a Westcountry phrase - "dear of them"!).

So, congratulations to Thea - that wonderful paper print of Barbican Steps will be delivered to you personally, by my very own hand. Well done!

..and thanks to Katie and Dan for making the night work so well. I would definitely recommend the B-Bar for any such event you or your friends might be thinking of (and I'd go for one of the Thai noodle boxes there, every time!).
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