Monday, 2 February 2009

A rose in black and white smells just as sweet!

A trying morning. I'd left my work pass back at the hotel, so had to drive back mid-morning. It had been an overcast day earlier but the sun was starting to break through the clouds by the time I got to the hotel, which was nice.

In the car park, an unkempt briar, growing on trellises that had seen better days, had produced a single forlorn rose. It was picked out in a shaft of light from the brightening sky so, quick as a flash (groan..) I had my camera out.

I wanted to isolate the rose from the background so chose a low f-number, f5.6. With a short depth of field I knew the background would be thrown out of focus.

Despite opening up the lens, I could still only manage 1/60th second at ISO 100 so, with a bit of judicious propping-up against a handily-placed wall, and with the inbuilt image stabilisation of my lens (Canon EFS 17-85mm IS USM) I was able to make a sharp enough capture.

The angle of the sun in the sky was just right to reveal the texture of those wonderfully soft petals and the shaft of light was bright enough to pick out some highlights nicely.

In the orignial shot, the reds were overpowering, concealing more in the rose's richly saturated hues than they revealed. Hopefully, you'll see more of what the rose has to offer in this black and white rendering.
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