Friday, 27 March 2009

The pot firing shoot, part 1

This is the first one from Wednesday's photo shoot. The pot had just come out of the kiln and had been placed on a bed of wood shavings.

For the type of glaze being used, a reducing and carbon-rich atmosphere is needed. The heat from the pot ignites the shavings and an upturned metal dustbin over the pot seals everything in.

The free oxygen is quickly used up by the burning wood
(hence the term "reducing"), producing mainly carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and free vaporised carbon, and this is the atmospheric mix in which the magic of the glaze occurs.

Of course, many, many other factors go towards the nature of the finish, for example using a slip as part of the process, like here. Look closely at the front surface of the pot, and you can see some of it peeling away and down.

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