Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Genius of Photography

Just been watching this inspiring documentary on BBC 2. This was part 4/6, covering from the late 50s onwards.

There were all sorts of things covered, from b&w intimate street work to the more inclusive colour street work as imposed by the slower shutter speeds demanded when using colour for that type of work (i.e. needing a good dof but slower speed to counteract noise). Still that's an SEP, a JFT while I concentrate on mono :) SEP - somebody else's problem; JFT - job for tomorrow

It was really interesting to listen to well-known contemporary (and less so) photographers commenting on others' work as well as their own. Sort of comforting to hear some of your own understanding of situations / scenes being confirmed by the acknowledged greats.

That conformation then leads to a better comprehension of hat's being said next and its those parts that I found inspiring. I've now got some new approaches / techniques slotted away in the back of my mind for whne the opportunity presents itself.

Note to self - must watch the last two parts!

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