Monday, 16 March 2009

A new rival to google? Perhaps not....

I watched an interesting (sort of) video on the BBC website about Google and how its cutting back its horns in some of the madder areas of R&D.

As usual aunty Beeb provided a bit of balance by talking to a relatively new entrant to the search engine sphere,,
with offices opposite Google's - nice bit of finesse!

Of course, the first thing to do was submit my various web sites, and those of friends / colleagues that were to hand.

Here's the email I sent to

Can you add to your search engine:
My websites:
..and those of friends / colleagues:
Mark Ridley
PS found out about you via a BBC feature about google.
PPS To the CC List folks - connect up with me and each other via my highton-ridley web site using Google Friend Connect. If you have a Gmail or AIM account, an opendid, a flickr account and others, you can sign in using those profiles - no need to provide yet another registration! Explained and usefulness here:

They all owe me a beer!
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