Monday, 27 April 2009

April freebie draw

I've been announcing my monthly prize draw on the gfc enlarged view (the canvas as they call it) for a couple of weeks now. Your chance to win one of my signed prints.

I thought it made sense to post about it here, too, so here goes...

Each month, the names of all the members of my site / followers of this blog, who are also my gfc friends get put in a hat. At the end of the month the first name pulled out gets one of my signed mounted fine art prints.

Ok, there's a bit more to it than that encourage you all, reviewing and rating my work will influence how many copies of your name gets put in the hat each time!

So skip over to my galleries now and do your thang. Go on, do it now, I'll start you off in the monochrome gallery

I'll be announcing the winner at the beginning of May - Good Luck!
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