Sunday, 5 April 2009

Charged up for a bit of flash...

I finally got some rechargeable batteries and a recharger so I could have a play around with my flash gun. It's been gathering dust since I bought it months ago.

I'd been keeping abreast of mono stuff in magazines bought, but only skimmed first time round. I came across an article about portrait shots where the emphasis was on using natural light beside windows.

All this lot came together today when I noticed the bright light streaming in through my bay windows. I grabbed some tomatoes that were still on the vine, cut a wedge of cheese, put the lot on a wooden platter and placed them in the light.

I set up the camera with aperture priority (actually that's my default, so just checked it was set). I used the flash off to on side, hand-held, and seeing whether I could get the fill-in ok in the way I intended. I used spot metering and exposure / focus-locked on the highlight on the front tomatoe.

I made sure with the choice of tomatoes on the vine, the cheeses and the board that I had good, separable colours during the intended conversion to mono.

Or so the plan goes... but we all know the saying, "the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglay"

Watch this space for the upload, once I've got them out of the box and through my digital darkroom workflow...

Oh, and I finished up with a nice snack!
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