Saturday, 18 April 2009

*@&%! Man Flu!!

Been doing masses of stuff in the last week or so, none of which involved a camera :(

My ongoing issue with dropped http connections has abated a little. I've been poking around in my poor laptop's innards to try to improve things. It's most noticeable on Panoramio, Flickr, Google's image search and when interacting with Google Friend Connect gadgets.

Broken images, network timeouts, blog sites not showing and having to keep on refreshing / retrying to get them visible. Aaargh! Still, it's about liveable-with now, just about.

I have trouble believing that it's those sites' servers at fault - they are huge players. I have the same problems whether I connect over mobile broadband or my home broadband, so it points at not being the method of connection.... and yet Google Analytics and Adwords / Adsense reporting / management never exhibit these problems... so maybe it is the other servers after all. Who knows :(

And on top of all this, I got hit by the dreaded man-flu last Thursday... and any of my female readers will know just how serious and life-threatening that can be!

I ventured out to Martin Bush's Spring Exhibition opening event last night. Only managed one glass of wine before I had to duck out. I was in the lull between the end of the coughing fits and the start of the streaming nose, so that worked out ok. It was good to see Cindy there helping to host the event.

And what a well attended evening it was. Martin has a window bay devoted to my fine art prints and there was a lot of interest shown. As the show was primarily about Martin's work though, I played it down. One couple was saying how they loved the wet glistening stones in Sutton Backlane and were equally enjoying my other prints there.

And I've really been focusing on my online marketing - I've started an advertising campaign for my framed prints and I've been making lots of friends via the tastilicious Google Friend Connect.

I'm due a visit up to Buckfastleigh and onto the moors with my camera once this man-flu is done - and some hawking around the south west galleries to do. Hope we get some ideal weather for both :)
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