Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Outcome of the platter and light experiment

Well, as experiments go, it wasn't bad. I learned a fair bit and learned a bit more about what I need to learn.

Ok, sub-successes:
  • The flashgun still worked
  • ..therefore the rechargeable batteries worked
  • ..therefore the recharger worked
reinforced learnings:
  • A still-life is all about composition
    - spatial relationships between elements
    - their visual weight and balance
    - connectedness between elements
    - relationship with the frame
    - implied spatial relationship with the viewer
  • Only then does light interplay come into its own, revealing
    - contour and form
    - texture and pattern
    - implied "feel" of the elements i.e. response to touch
  • It's difficult to hand-hold both the camera and the flash (for the fill-in light), for this sort of shot - at least not with repeatable results. A tripod for one or both is essential.
So the experiment worked in those respects.

What about the shots themselves? Well, nothing worth shouting about. Although I did learn that a mono conversion on rich tomato-reds can make them look like plump jewels, glowing with their own silver light. (info slotted away for later use.)

I was quite surprised at how the reds responded during the mono conversion... what do you think?

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