Monday, 11 May 2009

First bw shots from the Jazz & Blues festival finale

We were blessed with great weather yesterday and I spent the afternoon at the grand finalé day of the International Barbican Jazz and Blues Festival.

Of course, I had my camera with me but regular readers will know that my style doesn't really cover photo journalism, I'm more into the art side. So here's me attempting something in between. More photos to post later, when I get the chance.

The Kingsize Five

Two of the members of this well-known swing band for the 21st century:
"Stomps like a super charged cabaret horn section. When they really let rip, as in potty mouthed Glen Miller pastiche Big Sis Little Sis, they hit home with bawdy theatrical panache" Thomas H Green, Q Magazine
"A manic mix of rocking blues and jazzy, dirty swing delivered with riffed up panache" Molloy Woodcraft, The Observer

I can confirm they lived up to their reputation and packed the plaza in between The Parade and Quay Road with onlookers, swayers, stompers and dancing couples. Rip-roaring entertainment indeed.

The Steve Tucker All Star Jazz Band

Their style of music ranges from popular swing jazz and romantic ballads to New Orleans classics and we had lots of couples whirling and jigging away. The photo shows Steve sawing away at his double bass.
"The Steve Tucker All Star Jazz Band brings breathtaking fresh life to the jazz classics of the era. The melodic, versatile voice of Steve is underpinned by the dynamic energy, passion and sensitivity of a very experienced front line combining with the powerful, driving, tight, swinging rhythm section." The North Devon Journal
They played in the National Marine Aquarium plaza, a great venue when the sun is shinning, as it did for them.
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