Friday, 29 May 2009

A global conversation on B&W Photography

I'm really excited by this new "web element" that Google has introduced and have added it to my blog already

Wot is a Global Conversation?

It's explained very well in the Learn More link within the gadget - a quick summary is that anyone who uses the same conversation topic for the gadget / element on their blog or site, will automatically join in to the global conversation already taking place on that topic.

And the cool thing is that, if you blog about it like I have here, people who use Google and other readers can join in right within the reader itself... Excellent :)

Here's the conversation that I've just started, the first in the world on the topic BW Photography ! All you "black and whiter"s, do join in - and embed the gadget in your site to meme the conversation :) Let's get the ball rolling! [NB The gadget you get to embed isn't specific to my site, there's no hidden links or other reference to it]

Comments welcome as always... will you put it on your site? Same topic as mine?
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