Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hamish the sleeping Pomeranian pup

I was visiting some friends who have mad, yapping, wait-til-the-next-barbecue-and-they're-going-on-a-spit, cute Pomeranians; mum, Bonnie and her two pups, Willow and Hamish.

They have just about accepted me now and only briefly bring the house down with their alarm yapping when I arrive. And they no longer try and nip my ankles, grab my trouser legs, chew my shoes... which is nice :)

Out with the camera and flashgun

I was left alone with them for an hour or so while they my friends were out running some errands and, with them out of the way, I thought I'd get my camera out. It was late afternoon and there was still a little daylight coming through the patio doors, so it was ideal for experimenting with fill-in flash (I've had an off-camera flashgun for ages but my normal style of photography rarely requires one - hence the 'sperimenting).

By this time the dogs were cream-crackered after lots of play, so were zonked out and quite prepared to put up with the camera in their faces, flash going off willy-nilly. So, without further ado, here's Hamish.

Hamish the Pomeranian

I'll post the rather punky shot I got of Willow tomorrow.
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