Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Some more photos from the Barbican International Jazz & Blues Festival

I've been working away in the digital darkroom today and have completed another couple of shots from the festival, with maybe three left to do.

Dad's Girl

A proud dad and his little girl wandered past while I was working on some stage shots.

I was desperately trying to keep my ISO at 100 and hoped the image stabilisation of my lens would help freeze things. Unfortunately no, so many of my shots were just too blurred to use.

Even so, this one didn't suffer too much and had enough redeeming features to make it worthwhile taking through my workflow.

I converted from RAW, reducing the exposure by a tad to try to recover some of the detail in her back-lit hair. I gave it my normal amount of capture sharpening, using a free Photoshop sharpening action set from The Light is Right, and with a tiny tweak to levels and curves for contrast, it was pretty much done.

With a slight vignette and a final bit of sharpening via the unsharp mask the image was done.

A bowler hat bobbing around

Cindy, a good friend who's quite tall, was drinking up the festival music and couldn't keep her feet still. Here she is in front of the stage on the last day.

As I moved around looking for shots, whenever I looked back towards the stage, all I could see floating above and between people's heads was her bright-coloured bowler hat.

I tried to make a candid capture of her obvious enjoyment and hopefully this fits the bill. I did have to make a fairly heavy crop first but pretty much processed it in the digi darkroom as the one above.

As usual, comments / questions are welcome.
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