Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Last of the Pomeranian shots

I finally found some time to process the last of the successful shots taken the other day of a friends' pomeranians.

Hamish and Bonnie

Mum, Bonnie, was exhausted after spending a manic 30 minutes or so training her puppies and, heck, what a racket they all made!

Quite interesting to watch her chasing them and nipping their ankles, something to do with herding instincts being encouraged with practical demonstrations, I think.

This was taken during a lull in training. I'm not sure where Willow was but here's Hamish saying something like "Come on mum, that was great fun, let's play some more!".

It would have been even better if I'd got more of Bonnie's head in the shot but they were hard at it again before I could recompose. That said, I do like the softness in the image of Hamish and the way Bonnie's coat came out.
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