Friday, 5 June 2009

Fathers Day prize draw

I'm feeling generous.... I'm having a Fathers Day prize draw where three—yes, three!—lucky names out of the Hat Of Wonder And Hope will win one of my signed, mounted prints.

(Fathers Day here in the UK is on the 3rd Sunday in June, this year on the 21st.)

Here's how you can win

To be in with a chance of winning:
  • you must be a follower of my blog (or have joined my site)
  • I have to have accepted a friend request from you, or vice versa
    You can send me one by:
    • finding my head in the members gadget list
    • it's in the rhs column, almost at the top - look for all the heads
    • click mine within the members list itself and chose 'add as friend'
You can improve your chance of winning!
  • Go to my galleries (mono, colour, flora) and rate / review any of my work
  • For each one that you do, one more copy of your name will go into the Hat Of Wonder And Hope
  • ...and when you do, it'll help us both—your head will be next to what you write.
    You do want people to be able to find your blog on my site, yes?

What makes a good rating / review

It's ok to have a review that says 'great!' or 'fab!' but it's so much more helpful in connecting with others if you say how what you're reviewing makes you feel, or what you like (or dislike!) about it. Even suggestions for improvement —'Nice! I really like this one but the horizon's a bit squint to my eye'. You get the picture :)

Maybe it reminds you of something nice or not so nice, or maybe you feel a strong connection to it for some reason. If that's the case say so. I admire and welcome honest opinions that help me see what you get from my work, what appeals, what doesn't.

You probably know yourself that feedback is the very air that artists breath, and I'm no different, hehe!

You could also click the 'recommend it' button of the works you like, even if you don't review them. That'll help those most recommended bubble up to the top. So if you do that as well, double thanks :)

The Draw...

I'll make the draw on Fathers Day and let the three winners know right away so they can let their dad's know that they have an extra special gift on the way!

Good luck to all!
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