Thursday, 4 June 2009

May prize draw posted...

I'm just back from the Post Office—the winner of my May freebie prize draw, Char, should receive her mounted fine art print within the next week.

Well done for winning, Char!

If you want to win the next one:
  • you must be a follower of my blog (or have joined my site)
  • I have to have accepted a friend request from you (or you to have accepted one from me)
    —send one by finding my head in the members gadget list, click it and chose 'add as friend'
You can improve your chance of winning:
  • Go to my galleries (mono, colour, flora) and rate / review any of my work
  • For each one that you do, one more copy of your name will go into the Hat Of Wonder And Hope

If you do this, it'll help me a lot, especially if your review doesn't just say "Great!" or similar. A sentence or two on how the piece makes you feel or what it reminds you of would be just fantastic!

And, of course, you get Kudos too because your 'head' will be against the review and people then get the link to your blog. Bonus!
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