Friday, 31 July 2009

Clarity given by MET for UK journalists (blogger, that's you!)

The MET have re-issued their guidance about interfering with "journalists" and their cameras.

Hope for all UK bloggers

Many have cried "that's ok for journalists but what about the rest of us?"

I believe that this is great news for many more than National Union of Journalists (NUJ) journalists.

I blog therefore I am (a journalist)

Because of this blog I class myself as a journalist. The guidance given by the MET doesn't include a definition of what a journalist is, and I see no reason why the widely accepted notion that many bloggers are journalists should not apply.

To make it clear, I intend to design, print and laminate a journalists badge to wear when the occasion demands. For me, that is any time when I'm out and about with my camera. I am, after all, a photojournalist by the mere fact of being a blogger who posts photos.

My purpose may be to record places or sights for historic record purposes, architectural interest or as a photo essay with an art bent. These and many other purposes are, to me, journalistic endeavours, making me or any exponent, a journalist.

Do you see any flaw in that?

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