Monday, 27 July 2009

One from the beach

I made this capture a couple of summers back around this time of year. I thought it would be a good example of how there are shots everywhere—you just need the right frame of mind, to keep yourself open to suggestions coming from your environment ...and to have your camera with you :)

Footprints and a shed seagull feather

Temporary Canvas, Bantham, Devon, 2007

I was at Bantham beach (a gorgeous spot where the River Avon in Devon meets the sea) at the tail end of a fairly quiet mid-week day. Camera in hand I was just seeing what turned up.

It was heading towards the golden hour and the beach was getting deserted—one of the few folks I passed who wasn't either leaving or packing was another photographer, setting up his tripod amongst the receding waves. It had been a quiet enough day and that meant that the far and of the beach didn't really get much in the way of visitors, leaving the sand relatively undisturbed.


The sight of the ripples left by the retreating tide and the way they were overlaid by the footprints and other signs of passing, brought to my mind just how temporary human and even animal-kind are in relation to the enduring earth. No matter what 'footsteps' we imprint on this earth, the ebb and flow of mother nature will wipe the slate clean on the next cycle.


I searched for what I thought was the best composition to try to capture that concept and found the one you see, with the two footprints side-by-side and the happenstance of the feather.

Fairly common occurrences by themselves but the way they were all so neatly arranged on the temporary canvas, it resonated with the thoughts I'd just been experiencing and the shot was made.

As an aside, there is one of those compositional rules that says about using groupings in odd numbers. Someone might argue that its two things and one thing, well I say it's art and not science!

comments / feedback / critique always welcome :)
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