Thursday, 16 July 2009

Coooliris photo wall

I don't know if you've tried CoolIris as a way of displaying a wall of your images yet. I use it quite often when I want to review all my photos quite quickly, maybe to select one for posting on a particular subject.

The reason this came to mind to post about was that I bumped into the BBC's Viewfinder blog, and the Your Pictures On A Theme page.

Anyway, on to Cooliris (used to be called PicLens).

Cooliris Browser add-on

If you don't have it, you can download it for Windows and Firefox here. Go here for other browsers

The add-on allows you to click an icon that appears on images on any site supporting it (like flickr or google's image search). You then get a wall showing all the images (the wall just goes on and on, as long as there are more images to fill it).

You can also embed the wall when you have a supported feed type for it, like mine below. This is from (and all of) my mono gallery:

Feed source / location

If you're interested the feed for the wall above is at

As with all free tools like this, you have to put up with adverts and various attempts to persuasively hijack you to other places. But other than that, enjoy!
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