Thursday, 23 July 2009

Useful photo resources

As promised a couple of postings ago, here are some sites / resources that I've found useful in my photographic learning journey.

I'll not flood you with links, rather I'll dish them out a few at a time over coming posts.

Here's the first few.

Converting to Black and White — The Basics

This one comes from the famous Cambridge In Colour website. Read the tutorial.

TLR Sharpening

This is a free Photoshop add-on from the Light Is Right Studio, one I pretty much always use — especially the capture sharpening mode.

It also has a mode for creative sharpening and one for output sharpening (where you set the sharpening specifically for the size you are printing at and the output device to be used).

Here's the download page.

There are some great quick tips at The Light Is Right Studio, in the form of short tutorials. Check them out here.
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