Friday, 24 July 2009

Waiting for sugar and milk

I went round to a mate's (mansour eskandary) today — dreadful — no milk or sugar, so...

No tea!

What could be worse? Round for a chinwag, maybe take forward his requirements for selling online, only to find the slack git didn't tell me to bring milk and sugar with me as he'd run out.

So off he went to the local shop — about 20 mins there and back. I'd brought my camera with me just in case he could put his hands on the right gear for some practice product shots — fat chance, he couldn't even find the black backcloth he said he had!

Reaching For The Skies

I'd spotted the farm barn opposite where he lives before but could never find the right spot to frame these wonderful parallels. Well, on this occasion, the light was right and so I tried to find that perfect viewpoint again.

I eventually climbed and perched on top of a wall and, voila, by leaning out a bit (and by using the perspective / straightening tool when I got it to the digital darkroom) I knew I'd got the spot.

Being high up meant I could look down a little over the hedge and I spotted that I coud just catch those weeds growing against the wall. Bingo! Just that bit of additional interest that would make the shot work, in my opinion. Artistic intent realised, just take the shot. Now, would the scene I could see in my mind's eye come out in the digital darkroom?

...then the dang clouds blocked the sun for a while, ruining the lighting. So I just stood around atop the wall double checking my camera settings — ISO metering etc. and looking like a right berk! Quite often the standard pose for a photographer! Sure enough, the sun came out again (after I'd said hello to a couple of surprised cyclists) and I made the shot.

After a suitable number of cups of tea, got back and straight to the DD (digital darkroom) for 'developing'. I'm happy with the way it's turned out — pretty much spot on to my intent, though I have to admit, the weeds were serendipitous but became an important part of the composition — as implied by the title.

So, does it work for you?

feedback / comments / critique welcomed as usual :)
[more shots from the wall due soon]
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