Sunday, 2 August 2009

An abstract architecture shot

I thought I'd drag this one over from my main site as one to discuss briefly. It was another opportunistic shot as many of mine are. It was taken on the way back from a meeting (on my day job) in Bush House and heading to Temple tube station.

Blind Fan

Blind Fan, Arundel Street, London, 2007

I was glancing around, looking for a shot based on the repeating patterns of the office blocks that had caught my eye on the way in.

As I checked around for a viewpoint that would take advantage of the way the bright sunlight was falling across it, I caught sight of the window with the damaged blind. It seemed almost to be winking at me, saying "Me! Me!".

I had to swap for my 70-300mm zoom lens to make the capture, being careful to position the blind at one of the rule-of-third's intersections. The face was in bright sunlight and the side in shadow and all I did in the digital darkroom was to accentuate the highlights and burn the shadows a little, to suit my artistic intent.

The result is beyond what I expected and I was—am—happy with the result.

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