Thursday, 6 August 2009

Altered viewpoint, different image

In my last post I talked about having to hunt around to find a viewpoint that worked. So in this post I thought I'd show how much the viewpoint can change the final image.

Rectilinear Mosaics

This photo from my monochrome gallery goes to show that there's often more than one shot to be had from the same scene, emphasising how important viewpoint can be.

Have a look at the following shot:

Rectilinear Mosaics, Arundel Street, London, 2007

and compare it to the one a couple of postings ago

On this one, I was right by the wall at the side of the building, whereas the earlier one was taken from across and down the street.

I think you'll agree that they are radically different, and both 'work' even though it's basically the same scene. This in turn demonstrates that their are lots of different shots avaiable, so searching and finding the right one is an essential part of getting across your artistic intent.

So don't just turn up, whip out your camera and click away, put your feet to good use and get the viewpooint that conveys the sense of what you're feeling about the subject.
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