Friday, 28 August 2009

August freebie prize draw reminder

Just a quick reminder that prize draw day approaches for August.

Hat Of Wonder And Hope

On 1st Sept I'll be counting up all the interactions in August (reviews, blog comments, wall comments, recommend this ticks) by my followers who are also my friends. I'll be putting one copy of their name in the Hat Of Wonder And Hope for each such (genuine) activity.

I see JamaGenie has been very active just recently—I wonder if it's related ;)

Good Luck everyone!

I should say that I'll be changing the rules for September. Google unfortunately doesn't give a way of counting friend activity automatically so I have to trawl through various places to count how many copies of each name goes in the Hat.

With 184 followers who are also friends, I reckon it might take a couple of hours or more this time. So for September's draw, I'm gonna have to come up with new rules that still rewards peeps for their participation.

UPDATE: Any suggestions?

comments / feedback always welcome :)
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