Friday, 21 August 2009

Salisbury Cathedral - detail of cleric statue

I didn't want to leave a techy post at the top of my blog—far too frightening for my average visitor, hehe! So here's me back on safer territory—but just a quickie.

Forever Watching

Forever Watching, Salisbury Cathedral

On a visit to Salisbury Cathedral with a wonderful girlfriend, Marina (mustn't digress, but how did I let her slip through my fingers?!), I was really taken by this particular statue. It 'spoke' to me in a way none of the other statues adorning this great cathedral did.

What I got from it initially was a rather benign feeling of someone watching over us in a caring sort of way. At the same time I got undertones of something else, not quite sinister but maybe something more of the secular power of the church.

Anyway, I tried to bring out those feelings by my treatment of the shot, in composition and viewpoint, as well as by dodging the whole statue in the digital darkroom to give it the presence I felt when there.

comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)
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