Friday, 7 August 2009

Use your feet to find the shots

Sticking in the vein of abstract architecture and how there's more than one shot in a scene...

It's just a concrete hotel

I was staying in a hotel by Heathrow Airport when I was working up that way. In the day in, day out trudge of it all, my antennae must have been out and twitching because after a few weeks I felt the urge to wander around the uninspiring grounds with my camera.

My first point of call was up-close and personal with the architecture. Soaring architecture often has a profound effect on me and, when you're close, the steep perspective exaggerates it.

So here's the up-close shot of the end of the building.

Holiday Inn, M4/J4

...and then I looked at my feet (actually a few steps away against another wall)

Then, walking amongst the trees that separate the hotel from the motorway junction, I saw I could frame yet another aspect of the building. Actually, the tree branches were swaying gently in the soft breeze, so I framed and then waited until they blew into just the right position for making the shot.

If you follow that middle panel of the end wall down to ground level, it was just to the side of this, looking up, that I made the first shot.

comments / critique / feedback - all appreciated :)
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