Saturday, 5 September 2009

My photo essay in re-launch of BBC Devon website

...for those of you who have been on tenterhooks (well, not quite, but y'know...)

Secret squirrel project revealed...

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was excited by a project that I had to keep hush-hush for a while. Well I've now been given the go ahead to talk about it.

I was approached by the BBC, a lovely lady called Jemima, and asked if I could provide them with a number of shots of Plymouth, in my inimitable style, to be used as a slide show for the soon-to-be re-launch of the BBC Devon website.

The Devon Banksy?

Of course, I was delighted to be asked. Even more so when, as an example of the layout to be used, Jemima gave me a link to the already re-launched Bristol web site and I found they had used Banksy's work for their slide show—a  compliment by association if ever there was one!

As I was given a fairly free hand in the brief, I decided to follow in the same vein as a previous photo essay of mine that they featured (Urban decay, lost spaces and industrial ugliness). I came up with the final brief, summed up by the title I chose for the photo essay—"Plymouth - intimate glimpses of a hidden and changing character".

Exhibition of photo essay

I'm timing an exhibition of the photo essay in the Martin Bush Studio Gallery, Royal William Yard (map), to coincide with the re-launch due on 10th September (I'll provide a link to the BBC Devon website then).

To the many folk I pestered in confirming my research for the captions, I offer my profound thanks :) You know who you are.

comments / feedback always welcome :)
[Edited to correct link to the map 8 Sept]
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