Friday, 11 September 2009

Trying to cut the apron strings

Another from my trip to the Miniature Pony Centre on Dartmoor

Pony petting


My god-daughter is eight and was really enjoying herself. She'd already been for a ride and was wearing her rosette with pride. We stopped for a while in the petting field, me waiting for an opportunity to arise and when I saw this scene unfolding, I could see some good possibilities. I think she was puzzled by me lying on my back for this shot, maybe thinking "why are you doing that? I've not seen photos taken that way, are you sure?" Well, something like that is written all over her face. (I must ask, next time I see her!)

Meanwhile mum was hovering close by, trying to not to hover; concerned but not worried; experimenting with loosening the apron strings a bit more.

I had a little cropping to do (ouch no pun intended!) when I got back to the digital darkroom and a little fiddling with curves. Overall, I'm pleased with the composition and the (emotional) undertones in the shot; the interplay between mum, daughter and the pony.

What do you think?

comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)
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