Monday, 19 October 2009

Char needs...

two more followers...

Back to two hundred...

Char over at Ramblins was delighted to reach 200 followers—but then a couple left. She's a lovely lady with a great eye for composition and a gorgeous and appealing style to the photos she takes.. ...and her writing is from the heart.

So get on over there and follow her! Let's see if we can get her up to 225 followers, as she deserves a boost :D

..and I'm back from Rambunctious

...where Lee loved the projected vid (see my last post) and has asked if he can use it over the next few weeks. (Yes, of course the answer was "yes"!)

Unfortunately there weren't that many folk there—actually anywhere—I don't know why but everywhere I passed tonight was dead. Plymouth is much more of a university city than it ever was but you wouldn't have thought it!

So anyone from Plymouth—let's meet up at Rambunctious next Sunday evening (around 10:00pm).

comments / feedback always welcome :)
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