Friday, 16 October 2009

Getting ready for display at Gallery Guest House

an evening of...

Printing, signing and mounting

Over at the Gallery Guest House, Karen has been putting together a list of my pictures she wants for display there. I got her email a couple of days ago and its now got to the top of the "attention" pile ;)

So it's been an evening of printing, spraying, cutting & sticking, preparing the first batch—five down, fifteen to go! Actually, twenty may end up being too big for the space, so I intend to take the first batch along, before framing, just to check it all out.

[Note to self: Must get on the phone first thing and order up some more 16x12in mounts!]

A question for my regulars: I've always used glass in my frames and now I'm wondering about the plastic / acrylic glass I see used as standard on some of the online framing sites. They say it's 100% uv-protective. What do folks think about it?

comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)
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