Friday, 16 October 2009

A reminder about my October freebie prize draw

...just a prod, as I know some of you have said you want in but haven't yet said you've done it..

Entering the draw / letting me know...

Rather than repeat things here and risk confusing everyone (me especially!) you can see the rules—and also let me know you're taking part—by looking at the post October freebie prize draw now open! and leaving me a comment. Don't worry, it's all explained there.

I've placed a link to it over there in the right hand column to make it easy for you to find in future.

There are six entrants so far and with three prizes, heck, you're almost bound to win!

These aren't cheap and cheerful prizes, they're all quality fine art prints on fantastic paper and professional, archival mounts—as other prize winners have already said—deep blacks, rich tones and bright, whites.

If you previous winners want to leave a comment here to confirm the quality of the prints you've received, that would be real helpful :)

comments / feedback always welcome :)
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