Sunday, 25 October 2009

Respect Festival - only shot so far...

I just couldn't get inspired enough to fight for space amongst the other photographers at the Respect Festival earlier today (well, yesterday now)—but I did get this shot.

An abstract name?

...for a semi-abstract shot.

Poocher Assere

No prizes for guessing what it is (did it take you long or was it instant for you?) but do you fancy explaining the title? Just for fun, leave a comment if you think you know—and leave a comment admitting defeat if you don't! Now, you will be honest, won't you... ;)

Whatever you think about the title, how does the image grab you? Or doesn't it?

(@ Martin Bush - what do you think? Note the cunning way I put your name there so you'd get this as a Google Alert!!)

comments / critique / feedback always welcome and actively encouraged :)
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