Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Seeking New Horizons

Another from the "promising" pile in the digital darkroom that I finally found the time to process.

"Devon Expressway" approaching Plymouth

Seeking New Horizons

Driving westwards down the A38... as an aside, calling it the "Devon Expressway" was far cheaper than turning it from an "A" road to a motorway—that's the way the powers that be think down this way sometimes! ..so, as I was saying, I was driving along, watching the sky "improve" as the weather worsened and threatened to get real bad.

It got good enough to deserve a stop and a capture, and I was lucky enough for a lay-by to turn up at the right time. I really liked the overpowering dark clouds in the middle distance, with beautiful skies beyond on the promising horizon. The progression of low, scudding clouds that seem to be sharing the same journey, adds to the overall feel of an exodus to the hope of new beginnings.

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