Saturday, 3 October 2009

Some blogs of interest to photographers and...

Well, not just photographers :)

Useful / interesting...

The Galloping Gardener
...visits English gardens and those further afield. As a place to go just to enjoy and relax, you can't beat an English garden. But if you take your camera, you can practice close-ups, macros, pretty scenes and more. One good thing, the flowers and plants tend to be very well kept and the photo opportunities aren't so often spoiled by things past their best.

Quite often they are pretty good at labeling the plants so you know what it is you're photographing. If you see them on your visit, snap the name after you've finished your shots - it's a handy way of making sure you don't forget what they're called.

The History and Language of Flowers
Have you ever wondered what you're saying when you buy a bunch of flowers from the garage for your loved one? This handy site tells you the almost-lost meanings of each flower. Now when you hear the phrase "say it with flowers" it actually means what it says!

So next time you buy flowers, you'll be able to compose you're own message. Never mind tweets, txts or emails, do it the old-fashioned romantic way :)

The Royal Photographic Society
If you're serious about photography you'll want seriously to consider joining. There are hurdles to jump to get entry but that keeps the quality high (I haven't applied yet, but it's on the list!). Open to UK and overseas membership.

Converting colour to black and white
A really good article to give you a grounding in converting black and white to colour. It has hover-over effects so you can see how, for example, red, green and blue filters affect a colour image. It also discusses the basics of using Photoshop in different ways to carry out your conversions.

How to Create a Product Box in Photoshop
A cool little tutorial.

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