Saturday, 23 January 2010

A Dartmoor pony in the wild

As promised a few posts ago [@Shadow: happy now? :-)]

Dartmoor in thaw

Here's a shot of a Dartmoor pony in the wild, taken on my recent trip up onto Dartmoor.

These ponies run free for most of the year and, even though considered "wild", they still belong to the various farmers on the moors. Every year they have a foal roundup and allot the new foals to the correct herds/farms.

Dartmoor Pony in the wild

Lighting conditions were difficult in this shot. It was during the start of the thaw from all the recent snow in the UK and the air had a very clear crisp quality. In the bright sunlight, even though the sun was quite low in the sky, it lead to very contrasty shooting conditions for black and white, too much even for my tastes—besides, it was in all the wrong places!

So, I finally did battle in the digital darkroom and eventually (after two sessions!!) tamed and bent the lighting to my will. I hope you like the finished shot :)

comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)
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