Tuesday, 19 January 2010

During the melt on Dartmoor

Here's another one that worked out ok from my outing onto Dartmoor the other day... what do you think?

Merrivale Tor

Just up the road from Princetown I spotted this opportunity. I was looking for shots that captured a bit of the winter character of Dartmoor and so I had my "shot radar" working overtime. I spotted this scene developing as I drove, luckily their was a stopping place just round the corner from where my radar first started "pinging".

Merrivale Tor on Dartmoor, near Princetown

I tried a few different points of view and this is one that worked out well, I thought. How about you?

When I saw how it combined the tor, open moor and granite walls, snowy in their lee, I thought this was the one to go for. Dartmoor in winter can be so harsh—and that's when the weather's pleasant! So "harsh" is what I wanted to emphasise with the shot, which I hope I've achieved.

And typical of the real, non-postcardy view of the world that I prefer, it was good to see some jury rigged fencing, together with some nameless metal-tubing thingy, carelessly cast off to one side—being "stored outside" in farmer parlance!

It was quite a difficult shot to tame in the digital darkroom and I had a couple of false starts. Finally I hit on a method that brought out the image with the impact and visual qualities that first grabbed my attention.
What do you think?

comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)
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