Thursday, 14 January 2010

On the margins of Dartmoor

I've been struggling against something in the last couple of months—I think it's been a desire to hibernate—but finally managed to get out with my camera today.

Waiting for...

I've been waiting for the weather to clear enough to let me get up into Dartmoor safely, while at the same time wanting enough snow to attempt some wintry captures.

Approaching Lee Moor from Cornwood

I was quite surprised to find that where I expected there to be lots of snow on the margins of the moors, only the sheltered spots seem to be retaining snow. On top of that, the weather forecasts have been pretty poor—when we were told to expect more snow, instead we got melting sunshine, pah!

Ok, I haven't yet got up into the moors proper, so maybe tomorrow. There's a definite margin/snow line as it gets more exposed heading up onto Dartmoor so I'll cross that on the next outing and see what possibilities that reveals. I'm hoping the Dartmoor Ponies will somehow feature.

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