Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Inquisitive sheep on Dartmoor

Another, maybe the last, from my recent shoot on Dartmoor.

Got any hay?

Inquisitive Sheep on Dartmoor

I first noticed these sheep as I was walking around looking for potential shots and at various points of view for those shots. You can see how I got on in my last few posts. As an aside, this is a good hint for photographers looking to up their game a little—your feet can improve composition dramatically. Don't just stop, take a photo and move on. Instead, walk around a bit and see how the various compositional elements interact in the scene and then choose the one that works best for you.

Anyway, each time I walked past the fence, the sheep were a bit closer. Eventually they were close enough for me to pay attention to them and, as I did, talking to them all the while in a low encouraging voice, I got great eye contact and this lovely little interaction. A genuine look of curiosity from the front sheep, while the back one, though a little unsure, was still interested enough in what was happening to throw this backward glance.

(An observation from looking at the back sheep... when all you have are cloven hooves, you learn to put up with stuff that otherwise might drive you mad!)

Anyway, I hope you like it and got something of the interaction with the sheep; and hopefully, for a moment you might even have been transported there.

comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)
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