Friday, 5 February 2010

Last of my recent pony shots

As promised here's the next, and last, of the pony shots from my recent outing to Dartmoor at the end of the melt from the recent Winter snows.

The gorgeous Dartmoor Pony

I think the light, though harsh, worked a little better on this shot than my other recent postings. Here it's angling in through the gorse bushes, giving nice highlights, especially across the face, mane and neck.

Grazing Pony - full body shot

These are such lovely creatures—I don't know the Exmoor's so well but the Dartmoor Pony is tranquil and gentle, if you respect their space. Sometimes they approach you, hoping for food, but feeding them is a no-no.

For a time there were many accidents involving ponies on the roads of Dartmoor. Because well-meaning folks were feeding them, the ponies had learned to associate cars with the possibility of free food. As soon as they'd see a car approaching, they'd amble onto the roads, and often quite unexpectedly—it's surprising how many ponies can appear from behind a gorse bush only big enough to conceal a large rabbit!

It's all common sense to the locals but visitors to our fine County didn't realise the feeding was leading to a problem. So signs and fines went up and eventually the number of injuries to ponies (and sheep) went down.

It's a lovely sight, to be walking on the moors for the joy of it and to round a patch of gorse and see these natives of the moors. Just one of the pleasures of living in this part of the world, and long may it continue :)

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