Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My sparkling, spanking new blog layout

...courtesy of Blogger In Draft

Easier on the eyes?

I hope you'll find my new layout easier to read and gentler on the eyes. Thanks to the new template editor from Blogger In Draft, I was able to do this in double quick time.

It took around 8 hours from start to finish, including backing things up and creating a temporary blog to practice on before finally going for it.

I'd originally used a classic template, heavily modified to achieve the look I was after but it was getting too cumbersome to maintain. With the promise of all sorts of new treats on the way, I bit the bullet and went for it.

If you're thinking of changing over to the new template editor, I'd highly recommend it. You get quite a few templates, each with many variations that are a cinch to play around with.

The only hiccough I've had is that I can't get the "Reactions" thingy to work (the one that is supposed to appear at the end of each post). I'm sure that will only be temporary though - it is, after all, in Blogger In Draft. [Update: As you can see, it now works ok]

So, what do you think?

comments / feedback always welcome :)
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