Saturday, 13 March 2010

Two panoramas from my Bovisand trip

These two shots have to be seen large to appreciate them, so make sure you click them to see for yourself!

Learning, learning...

On the way to Bovisand for my photo hunt the other day, I took the route along the coast road that passes through Hooe. Panorama shots have been in my mind for a while and seeing this vista I thought I'd have a go. No special multiple exposures stitched together for me. No, this is achieved simply by cropping. (It's a view across Plymstock to Lee Moor on the horizon.)

It was interesting to go through the learning process of how much sky to include, what the different proportions mean to composure and so on.

Hooe to Lee Moor view

(remember, click an image to see it larger)

  View across Plymouth Sound from Bovisand

On the the final approach road to Bovisand Beach, I stopped off just before the entrance to the chalet site and lapped this up (that just sooo doesn't work as a visual metaphor!) As the title says, it's a view across Plymouth Sound to Cornwall, beyond. You can see the breakwater, side-on, with a couple of navy ships at anchor safely behind it. Plymouth lies on the right, behind the headland with Fort Bovisand on the promontory, and the open sea is to the left.

Once again, the choice of cropping, top and bottom, was essential to the composition and balance of the final image. For one thing, I wanted to include the break in the clouds that gave rise to the suffuse glow in the centre, but it was just too high in the sky. If I'd included it, the whole balance of the shot would have been disturbed.

So, over to you. Do they work for you? Which do you think is the best?

comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)
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